Asus' MG279Q display hops on the FreeSync wagon

We've been keeping an eye on Asus' MG279Q monitor due to its distinctive combination of an IPS panel and variable-refresh capability. When the display was announced at CES, Asus said it supported DisplayPort 1.2a with Adaptive-Sync—but nothing more. Now, according to a tweet from AMD, the MG279Q is officially part of the FreeSync family.

For the unfamiliar, the MG279Q is a 27" monitor with a 2560x1440 resolution and 144Hz peak peak refresh rate. It's similar to the ROG Swift we reviewed last year, but the Swift has a TN panel and G-Sync hardware. Asus hasn't provided pricing info, but we've slipped past the "late first-quarter" availability guidepost provided back in January, so this monitor might be on store shelves soon.

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