Intel's Client Computing Group combines PC and mobile divisions

In November, the Wall Street Journal reported that Intel planned to reshuffle its business units to combine the troubled Mobile and Communications division with the more profitable PC Client Group. Starting with the Q1 results due next week, that change will be reflected in the chipmaker's financial statements.

Intel confirmed the adjustment by introducing the new Client Computing Group, which will address "all aspects of the client computing market." The business unit covers chips for desktops, smartphones, and everything in between. Even networking, wireless, and "mobile communication components" are included.

The WSJ story suggested that current PC Client head Kirk Skaugen would helm the catch-all division, but Intel's press release doesn't name names. We may learn more on April 14, when Intel promises "commentary on the company's goal to improve mobile profitability by $800 million in 2015."

That commentary will come along with a fresh batch of quarterly results, and I hope there's some way to track the mobile business independently. Otherwise, it will be difficult to monitor progress toward Intel's goal. The mobile division posted an operating loss of $4.2 billion last year, largely due to contra-revenue efforts that may not persist in the future. Meanwhile, the PC group made a cool $14.6 billion. Keep that discrepancy in mind when judging the performance of the combined client unit.

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