Report: LG's latest IPS panel refreshes at 144Hz

Acer and Asus now have 27" monitors with IPS panels capable of hitting 144Hz. The displays are tied to different variable-refresh tech—the Acer has G-Sync hardware, while the Asus is part of the FreeSync camp—but both appear to be based on the same AU Optronics panel. Now, TFT Central is reporting that LG has developed a high-refresh IPS panel of its own.

Dubbed the LM270WF8, the LG unit reportedly has the same 27" diagonal and 144Hz peak refresh rate of its AU Optronics counterpart. But unlike the competition, which serves up a 2560x1440 resolution, the LG is stuck at 1080p. Ugh.

Spreading two megapixels over a 27" panel results in a relatively low pixel density, making the panel less than ideal for photo editing and other desktop work. However, the 1080p resolution also lightens the burden on the graphics subsystem, making it easier to hit frame rates that can exploit the panel's higher refresh ceiling. Odds are prices will be lower, as well.

TFT Central says production is scheduled for the third quarter, so we may have to wait a while for the panel to trickle into actual monitors. I'd expect variable-refresh implementations based on G-Sync and FreeSync tech, though likely not from the same display.

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