Dell stretches ultra-slim Android slate to 10.5''

Dell's remarkably thin Venue 8 7000 tablet now has a big brother. Meet the Venue 10 7000, which scales the 8.4" original up to 10.5" without sacrificing the slender profile.

Source: Intel

Like its predecessor, the new model has an OLED display with a 2560x1600 resolution. Spreading the same pixel array across a larger diagonal results in a lower PPI—288 versus 359—but the WQXGA resolution still beats the Surface 3 and iPad Air 2 on density and total pixel count.

Beneath the display beats an Atom Z3580 processor with quad cores clocked up to 2.3GHz. The same chip is in the 8.4" version, and the rest of the underlying hardware is pretty much identical. The tablet has 2GB of RAM, a depth-sensitive RealSense camera, and support for Micro SD cards up to 512GB. The base configuration comes with 16GB of storage, and customers in the U.S. and Canada will be able to purchase a 32GB variant.

Despite sharing most key specs with the original, the Venue 10 7000 has a couple of distinctive features. The most obvious is the cylindrical grip along one edge, which houses the speakers and serves as the attachment point for the optional keyboard. Magnetic force mates the two pieces together, spawning a convertible that contorts into all the popular poses.

The tablet only weighs 1.3 lbs (598 grams), so the clamshell config shouldn't be too tippy.

Dell says the keyboard is a "full-size" implementation, which seems a tad optimistic given the screen size and slim bezels. Backlighting and an integrated touchpad complete the productivity-oriented add-on. Speaking of productivity, the Venue 10 7000 comes with a Lollipop OS primed for Android for Work. This thing is clearly geared toward corporate clients.

At $499, the base tablet is priced to go head-to-head with other premium 10-inchers. Expect to shell out another $130 for the keyboard when the devices hit Dell's online store in May.

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