The Windows 10 Store will hawk music, movies, and TV shows

The Windows 10 Store isn't just for applications and games. Microsoft has revealed that the unified outlet will also offer music, movies, and TV shows. Videos will be available to purchase or rent, but there are fewer details on the music section, which will presumably include some variant of the Xbox Music streaming service.

Although the music aisle isn't open just yet, beta testers running the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview should now have access to movies and TV shows through the integrated store. TV shows are only available in some regions, though, and core features like media details and offline downloads aren't implemented yet. Microsoft acknowledges that the store is still a work in progress—and that it has "a lot more work to do."

Just like apps and games acquired through the store, entertainment content will be portable across PC and mobile platforms. Microsoft plans to show more of the integrated shopping experience at its Build conference at the end of the month.

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