Leak describes compute-oriented AMD server chip with 16 Zen cores

Details have already leaked out about the first desktop CPUs based on AMD's next-gen Zen architecture, and now, Fudzilla has tasty morsels for the server crowd. The site has posted a legit-looking slide describing a monster with up to 16 Zen cores and 32 threads, doubling the CPU payload of the rumored desktop chip. Each core is paired with 512KB of L2 cache, according to the document, and there's 32MB of shared L3 between them.

The CPU cores are joined by a "Stream Processor" dubbed Greenland. Obviously intended for more than just graphics, this spruced-up GPU promises ECC protection and only a 50% performance hit for double-precision math. More impressively, Greenland apparently gets up to 16GB of HBM memory with a cool 512GB/s of bandwidth. The slide also mentions a quad-channel DDR4 memory controller that supports speeds up to 3200MHz. ECC is included, of course, and the controller is supposed to handle up to a terabyte of total memory.

Neither the slide nor Fudzilla are clear on whether this is a single-chip SoC or a multi-die package. In either case, it's a full-service implementation with loads of built-in I/O. The leaked specs list 64 PCIe Gen3 lanes plus the ability to switch two lanes to SATA Express and 14 to SATA. They also show integrated networking and a platform processor with crypto and secure boot logic.

Like all leaks, this one should be taken with a grain of salt. The details seem plausible, though, and they look like a good match for the "HPC 64-bit APU" that appeared on a roadmap AMD presented to a PC cluster workshop in Japan. That roadmap indicates the server-grade APU is coming around 2017.

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