Saturday—sous chef: Rand

  1. Serial ATA final spec PDF
  2. eBay will come to a television near you
  3. SiliconStrategies report that Intel and AMD declare an I/O truce,
    AOpen apologizes to Intel for pre-announcing i845 Brookdale,
    and Intel develops graphics core strategy
  4. X-bit labs on Intel's Banias
  5. Buckyballs could lead to faster computers
  6. Microsoft to strike back at Palm
  7. Sun details StarOffice 6
  8. 150" LED display shown at AVC
Systems and graphics

  1. VIAHardware has VIA 4-in-1 driver v4.33 beta
  2. DreddNews reviews AMIDiag Suite
  3. PC Hardware on troubleshooting ACPI problems
  4. techhard reviews Celeron 1.1GHz
  5. GameBasement reviews Gainward GF2 Pro/450: technology and gaming
  6. reviews Hercules 3D Prophet 4500
Multimedia, cases, and cooling

  1. RatedPC reviews Romtec Trios HDD selector
  2. Digit Life reviews Hewlett-Packard 9710i & Yama(ma)ha CRW2100E (firmware 1.0N)
    and Mitsumi CR-4808TE IDE CD-RW drives
  3. HighSpeedPC is offering light tape kits
  4. TacoNuts reviews LaserBay
  5. Gaming in 3D reviews Antec SX1240 full tower case
  6. PimpRig unveils a new case gallery
  7. WebtXt reviews CompuNurse
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