HGST ships NVM Express SSD with 3000MB/s top speed

Make way for another PCI Express SSD. HGST has started shipping the Ultrastar SN100 Series, which combines four lanes of Gen3 connectivity with the NVM Express protocol. The server-oriented drives are available in capacities up to 3.2TB, and HGST claims they're the fastest NVMe implementations around.

Source: HGST

According to the datasheet, the SN100 Series hits 3000MB/s with sequential reads and 1600MB/s with writes. Random I/O rates are pegged at 743k IOps with reads, 160k IOps with writes, and 310k IOps with a 70/30 mix of the two. The 3.2TB and 1.6TB versions both have identical specs, while the 800GB has lower ratings in every category—and particularly with random writes and mixed I/O. All the capacities are supposed to withstand three full drive writes per day for the length of their five-year warranties.

The SN100 Series is split between two families: the SN150 rides a half-height, half-length expansion card, while the SN100 squeezes into a 2.5" case with an SFF-8639 connector. There's no difference in specs between the two flavors, though only the 2.5-incher offers an 800GB option.

HGST started sampling the SN100 Series last year, so this isn't the first we've heard of the drive. The SN150 is shipping now, the company says, and the SN100 is scheduled to be available next month.

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