Make your own movies with GTA V's PC-only editor

We PC gamers had to wait longer than everyone else to get our hands on Grand Theft Auto V. Perhaps as consolation, Rockstar included something just for us. The PC version is the only one with the Rockstar Editor, which allows players to create, edit, and export their own in-game movies.

What better way to introduce the movie-making tools than with a video trailer?

Players can record footage manually or pull it from automatic replays. Single- and multiplayer sessions are ripe for the picking, and there's a director mode for staging custom scenes. Scorsese wannabes can drop characters anywhere in the game world and then adjust the environmental variables and other modifiers to suit the script.

Clips are arranged along a timeline that wouldn't look out of place in stand-alone authoring software. Editing options abound, including control over the soundtrack, camera angles, and filters for the Instagram generation. Finished work can be exported to YouTube or to Rockstar's own social network. It looks like there's an option for 60 FPS ouptut, too.

Movie-making tools don't make up for GTA V's late PC release, but in the right hands, they could produce a lot of very cool content. I can't wait to see what the machinima community does inside Rockstar's latest sandbox.

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