Report: DOJ may oppose Comcast's Time Warner acquisition

Comcast's efforts to acquire Time Warner Cable may soon grind to a halt. According to a new report by Bloomberg, the United States Department of Justice will recommend that the deal be blocked.

Bloomberg's unnamed sources say that Department of Justice attorneys investigating the matter are concerned about the deal's impact on consumers. If these attorneys do recommend against the deal, their recommendation would be reviewed by senior Department of Justice officials. If the recommendation is carried out, the US government would file a lawsuit to halt the deal, which Comcast could then contest or attempt to settle.

Spokespeople from Comcast and Time Warner cable told Bloomberg that they foresee no reasons for the Department of Justice to block the merger, while the Department of Justice and the FCC declined to comment. If Comcast were to acquire Time Warner, the combined companies would control almost three-quarters of the United States cable industry, according to a previous Bloomberg report.

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