Two men have real-life flame war over iOS, Android

We've seen some pretty serious flame wars in the comment sections of TR articles over the years, but two men in Tulsa, Oklahoma have taken the fight over mobile operating system superiority to a whole new level. According to news station KTUL, the pair of roommates got into a drunken brawl after arguing over the merits of iOS versus Android.

Local police say one of the men broke a beer bottle over the other's head, and both men suffered stab wounds from broken bottles. The police were apparently called after one of the men was found stumbling around the parking lot of the apartment complex where the altercation took place.

It's unclear whether there was a victor in this debate, and law enforcement declined to comment when the news station's photographer asked for their opinion on "which phone is better." (Don't miss the comments on KTUL's story.)

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