Happy 50th birthday, Moore's Law

Fifty years ago yesterday, Intel co-founder Gordon Moore published a paper titled "Cramming More Electronics onto Integrated Circuits," in the magazine Electronics. That article contained Moore's now-famous observation that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit could be expected to double every year, which every tech enthusiast now knows as Moore's Law.

Though Moore later revised his original forecast to a doubling once every two years, the "wild extrapolation," as he calls it in the video below, has held up remarkably well over the past five decades.

To commemorate Moore's Law's 50th, Intel has produced a microsite with more information about Moore's observation, as has the IEEE.

The celebration surrounding this anniversary is tempered a bit by the fact that we might be looking at the end of the line for Moore's Law's. In a retrospective interview with the IEEE, Moore said he expects his observation to stop holding true within the next decade. Until then, though, we may continue enjoying the fruits of Moore's Law.

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