Deal of the week: The M500 960GB for $290, Battlefield Hardline for $36, and lots more

This week's deals post is loaded with a mix of re-runs and fresh meat. Here's the bulleted list:

  • The Crucial M500 960GB SSD from last week's deals post is backā€”and it's even cheaper. TigerDirect has the near-terabyte drive for only $289.99 without any rebates, coupon codes, or other strings attached. At only 30 cents per gig, that's a heck of a deal for a TR Recommended award winner.
  • Don't have enough scratch for the M500? Mushkin's Enhanced Chronos 480GB is on sale at Newegg for $159.99. The e-tailer also has Crucial's BX100 250GB and OCZ's ARC 100 240GB for $79.99 after respective $20 mail-in rebates. At this point, you can't afford not to have an SSD.
  • Sticking with the storage theme, Newegg has a nice discount on HGST's Deskstar NAS 4TB hard drive. Promo code ESCARNR22 brings the asking price down to $159.99, which is pretty affordable considering the 7,200-RPM spindle speed. As an added bonus, Backblaze's reliability data suggests HGST drives are more reliable those from WD and Seagate. This particular model is tuned for network-attached storage devices, but it should also work well in desktop RAID arrays.
  • Here's something for all the TR readers griping about overgrown Mini-ITX cases. Cooler Master's shoebox-sized Elite 130 is available for $29.99 after a $15 rebate and TR promo code TECHRCASE424. Despite reasonably compact proportions, the case still supports ATX PSUs, liquid coolers, and long graphics cards. The user reviews are overwhelmingly positive, too, and Jeff liked the Elite's little brother, the 110.
  • Barely a month old, Battlefield Hardline is already on sale. Origin has the cops 'n robbers shooter for $35.99, 40% off the list price. The reviews on Metacritic are all over the place, and I honestly haven't read much about the game since its release. For those who have played, is this much of a deal at 36 bucks?
  • Ok, one more. XFX's Double D R9 280 graphics card is marked down to $149.99 after promo code EMCARNR36 and a $30 MIR. The amped-up card has a beefy dual-fan cooler, lifetime warranty coverage, and a forward-looking 3GB memory config. Like some other recent Radeons, though, the R9 280 isn't compatible with AMD's FreeSync tech.

Those are the deals that caught my eye this morning, but I'm biased toward storage and generally a fan of the Battlefield multiplayer formula. What did you spot?

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