DiRT returns to rally roots, hits Steam Early Access

Colin McRae would be proud—the DiRT franchise is returning to its rally roots. Codemasters revealed the next chapter in the popular driving series today, and the game is already available as part of Steam's Early Access program. The following footage shows what to expect from DiRT Rally.

In its current form, DiRT Rally offers 17 cars, 36 stages, and "simulation handling." Codemasters says online multiplayer is coming this summer, and it plans to add more cars, environments, and stages through the end of the year. As one might expect, the developer is also soliciting feedback and ideas at this early stage in the game.

The minimum system requirements are pretty tame, so just about anyone should be able to sample the game in its current form. Early birds get a discount, too. DiRT Rally is only $34.99 right now (and 10% off until May 4), though Codemasters indicates that the price will go up as the Early Access period wears on. The final release will presumably be in the $50-60 range.

After hours of drinking in the stunning visuals of Project Cars, I have to admit that I'm not blown away by the graphics in the DiRT Rally trailer. It's still early days, though, and I really like the idea of a rally-focused driving game with simulation-style handling.

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