I'm back from the U.K. and, other than a little jet lag, doing well. Happy to be home, but I had a great time over there. The folks at ARM were excellent hosts; I'll have more to say about some new info from them shortly.

Also, the TR London meetup was a solid success. The pubs were so full in central London that we had to stand outside and talk, but the weather was ideal for it—and the company was wonderful. Here's a look at the folks who turned up. I somehow squeezed us all into a selfie.

Each and every one of them has an interesting personal story and connection to technology, and the result was a pretty intense, non-stop conversation about tech for several hours.

One of the best things about this job is to be able to drop in somewhere and meet a great group of folks. I think there may be another London TR meetup soon, even if I'm not in town.

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