Phison controller powers Kingston's HyperX Savage SSDs

Another major SSD vendor has adopted Phison's PS3110 controller. Kingston's new HyperX Savage taps the Taiwanese chip, which we first saw in Corsair's Neutron Series XT. The Savage has similar specs and pricing to its Corsair counterpart, but there's a twist. See if you can spot it in the spec table below.

Capacity Max sequential (MB/s) Max 4KB random (IOps) Endurance
Read Write Read Write
120GB 560 360 100k 84k 113TB $83.99
240GB 560 530 100k 89k 306TB $139.99
480GB 560 530 100k 88k 416TB $279.99
960GB 560 530 99k 89k 681TB $559.99

Unlike the Neutron, which is rated for 124TB of writes across the board, the Savage's endurance spec scales up with the capacity. The 120GB unit is rated for 113TB of total writes, while the top model can withstand a whopping 681TB. The Savage's three-year warranty is shorter than the five-year coverage that comes with the Neutron, though.

Kingston is offering the HyperX Savage as a bare drive and in upgrade kits that add a USB enclosure, 3.5" bracket, screwdriver, and cloning software. The prices above are for the bare drives, while the upgrade kits run about $10 more. Here's what the kit looks like:

Source: Kingston

Although it's hard to get too excited about yet another SATA SSD with similar pricing and performance to current drives, I've gotta give Kingston props for continuing to make its SSDs stand out visually. The Savage's steel-and-aluminum case looks a lot more distinctive than the outer skin of most drives.

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