ASRock leaks specs for refreshed Kaveri APUs

Earlier this year, the rumor mill suggested AMD was planning a Kaveri refresh for mid-summer. The existence of these so-called Godavari APUs hasn't been confirmed by the company, but references to them have now appeared in the CPU support lists for several ASRock FM2+ motherboards. These additions suggest the new chips will be compatible with existing motherboards with little more than a firmware update. They also provide a glimpse of the specifications for several models.

Model Frequency L2 cache TDP
A10-7870K 3.9GHz 2 x 2MB 95W
A10-8750 3.6GHz 2 x 2MB 65W
A8-7670K 3.6GHz 2 x 2MB 95W
A8-8650 3.2GHz 2 x 2MB 65W
A6-8550 3.7GHz 1MB 65W

All five chips are identified as having Godavari cores. The A10 and A8 appear to be quads, while the A6 looks like a dually. Those core counts—along with the listed cache sizes and thermal envelopes—are unchanged from Kaveri.

Godavari is supposed to use the same silicon as its predecessor, so the similarities aren't unexpected. AMD performed the same silicon recycling trick in the transition from Trinity to Richland. As with that transition, clock speeds appear to be up. The base frequencies listed for the 95W chips are 200-300MHz higher than for equivalent Kaveri parts, and the 65W models are 100MHz faster. There's no word on Turbo or GPU frequncies, which are rumored to be higher, as well.

Thanks to CPU World for the tip.

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