Windows 10 web browser named Microsoft Edge

Microsoft's upcoming browser has long been known by its unofficial codename, Project Spartan. Today, we can dispense with that name. The new browser is officially called Microsoft Edge, and the company revealed a couple more details during its Build 2015 keynote.

First off, Microsoft demonstrated Edge's new tab page. This page will pull in some of the user's favorite sites, as well as news articles and app suggestions based on the user's browsing behavior.

Edge also has a feature that Chrome and Firefox users have long enjoyed: extension support. Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore demonstrated the Reddit Extension Suite and Pinterest extensions running in Edge. Interestingly, he said the extensions had been ported from Chrome with only a couple of minor tweaks, so developers with pre-existing Chrome extensions should be able to bring over their work with ease.

These improvements are small, but the new name and functionality could help Microsoft's latest browser shed some of the dead weight of its predecessor.

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