Leaked AMD roadmap schedules 14-nm bonanza for 2016

AMD's next financial analyst's day is scheduled for May 6, but materials from the event may have already leaked out. Official-looking slides hosted on Imgur and linked on Reddit spell out the firm's desktop and mobile plans through 2016. A full slate of 14-nm chips is on deck for next year, according to the documents, including the first CPUs based on AMD's next-gen Zen architecture.

For PC enthusiasts, the most interesting codename is Summit Ridge, which refers to a Zen-powered CPU with up to eight cores. Due in 2016, this FX replacement is the only chip in the bunch without integrated graphics—or the SoC tag.

The leak says Summit Ridge will use the same FM3 socket as Bristol Ridge, a Zen-based APU with next-gen GCN graphics. Bristol Ridge scales up to four CPU cores, and there's a dual-core version dubbed Basilisk. Both are slated for next year, after more conventional Godavari and Beema APUs due this year.

If the mobility roadmap is accurate, Bristol Ridge and Basilisk will take over from Carrizo next year. The accompanying bullet points are the same as for the desktop APUs, but this time there are TDP ranges in tow. Mobile versions of Bristol Ridge will span 15W-35W thermal envelopes, according to the leak, while Basilisk will cover the 5W-15W range. Interestingly, Bristol Ridge and Carrizo share the same TDP range, but Basilisk goes 5W lower than Carrizo-L.

There are two new codenames in 2W territory. Styx will purportedly provide our first taste of K12, AMD's custom CPU for the 64-bit ARMv8 instruction set, with up to two cores paired with next-gen GCN graphics. It's another 14-nm chip, and before it arrives, AMD will apparently roll out a quad-core Amur APU built with 20-nm tech. The leak indicates that this chip will use off-the-shelf Cortex A57 cores alongside plain-old GCN graphics.

Unofficial information on upcoming AMD silicon has been trickling out at a steady pace these past few months. Provided the May 6 embargo date on the slides is legit, we should be able to verify the accuracy of this particular leak next week.

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