BenQ's curved 35'' gaming monitor updates at 144Hz

Add another 21:9 monitor to the ranks. BenQ's new XR3501 is the latest display to adopt the ultra-wide aspect ratio, but that's not the only trick up its sleeve. The screen is also curved, with a "2000R" arc that's more extreme than other wrap-around units. And it can hit high refresh rates, too.

Source: BenQ

According to BenQ's press release, the XR3501 is capable of refreshing its pixels at up to 144Hz. However, there's no mention of FreeSync, G-Sync, or any other form of variable refresh technology. Higher refresh rates alone can deliver enhanced smoothness over a 60Hz display, but the experience is noticeably improved by having screen updates synced with GPU frame delivery.

BenQ doesn't detail the XR3501's panel type, but given the refresh rate, my money's on TN tech. IPS displays rarely reach into high-refresh territory. The panel in this particular monitor isn't terribly high resolution. The 35" screen has a 2560x1080 resolution good for only 79 PPI—a lower pixel density than 24" 1080p displays.

At least the lower resolution should make it easier for gamers to push frame rates fast enough to benefit from the high-refresh panel. That's good news for not only single-screen implementations, but also for setups like the triple-headed one pictured in the press release.

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