Gigabyte's 9-series motherboards are Broadwell-ready

The desktop versions of Intel's Broadwell CPU aren't available yet, but motherboard manufacturers are making sure their products are ready well before the new chips arrive. Gigabyte has announced that all of its H97 and Z97 boards are Broadwell-compatible with firmware updates available from the company's website.

Intel told us to expect a mid-year release for Broadwell back at GDC, so we may not have to wait much longer for the new chips. If the rumor mill is correct, we could be getting a pair of CPUs with unlocked multipliers. We're looking forward to strapping the new silicon into overclocking-capable boards like those in Gigabyte's Z97 lineup. Owners of Asus boards will be able to join in the fun, too—the company announced Broadwell-ready firmware for its 9-series boards back in March.

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