HP press release names next-gen Radeons

AMD's next-gen Radeons are perhaps the worst-kept secret in the tech industry. Rumors about the new parts have been circulating for months, and now, several of them have been mentioned by an official HP press release. The PC giant introduced a new batch of desktop and all-in-one PCs today, several of which can be configured with 300-series Radeons.

According to the press release, HP's Envy and Envy Phoenix desktop towers will be available with discrete graphics cards "up to" the GeForce GTX 980 and Radeon R9 380. There's no mention of the rumored 380X or the R9 390 series, though.

The other leaked product names appear in the discussion of the Pavilion all-in-one. That system offers integrated graphics as standard equipment, but it can also be specced with a discrete Radeon R7 A330 or A360. Those options likely come on notebook-style modules rather than full-sized expansion cards.

HP doesn't provide any details on the new Radeons apart from their names. However, the Envy towers are due June 10, while the Pavilion all-in-one is coming June 28. We'll presumably get the official skinny from AMD before then. For what it's worth, a 3DCenter report from February suggested the bulk of the 300-series Radeons will be rebranded versions of existing products. Only the R9 390 family is expected to feature new GPU silicon.

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