Man, this past weekend was epic, as weekends go. Here in the KC area, we had 75° F weather, and everything was in bloom. For the sportsball enthusiast, the local baseball team was playing for first place, the NFL draft was going on, and the biggest fight of the decade happened. For the nerdier types, the new Avengers move hit theaters. For folks like me, well, it was the start of my son's T-ball season, with two games in one weekend.

Games were viewed, a ton of yard work was done, movies were watched, and so on. I could use about six more weekends like this past one, maybe in a row.

Happy to be back at work today, though. After being delayed by travel, I finally get to finish my write-up of the Damagebox 2015—while writing on that very system, which was forced into production by the necessities of Windows activation. It's ready, though. Boy, is it ever.

Some of my good cheer probably comes from the fact that I'm finally over my jet lag from the London thing. I'm happy to travel for work when needed, but when it comes to hopping across six time zones, I have this to say:

Anyhow, this week should be an interesting one, with real news in the PC hardware space and maybe some other surprises. I'm hoping to do a podcast live stream around some of it with a special guest, too. I'll reveal more soon.

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