Leaked roadmap charts desktop course for Broadwell, Skylake into 2016

Add another roadmap to the pile of leaked documents detailing upcoming processors. This time around, the unconfirmed info lays out the launch schedule and model designations for socketed desktop chips based Broadwell and Skylake silicon. Chinese site PC Online published the slide, which made its way to our inbox thanks to frequent TR tipster SH SOTN.

The roadmap attaches specifics to Intel's stated plan to release a socketed version of Broadwell with Iris Pro graphics. Intel promised the 65W chips mid-year, and it looks like they'll arrive in two flavors in the second quarter. The Core i7-5775C and i5-5675C will both appear in Q2, according to the leak, and the ≥ sign associated with Q4 onward suggests a planned speed bump.

These Broadwell chips deliver on Intel's guaranteed upgrade path for 9-series motherboards, while Skylake brings a new CPU microarchitecture alongside an updated platform. The roadmap identifies the desktop incarnate as Skylake-S. It says we'll get a wave of standard and K-series variations in Q3, and the model numbers match specs that leaked out in April. As with Broadwell, the addition of a ≥ sign in Q1'16 points to a possible refresh.

If the leak is accurate, the X99 platform's Haswell-E processor will get a MHz boost in Q3, followed by new Broadwell-E silicon in the first quarter of 2016. There are no specifics on model numbers, but the Broadwell-E schedule matches a rumor from last year.

Like all unofficial documents, this latest one should be sprinkled with salt—but not too much. On a scale between undoubtedly bogus and practically confirmed, this one seems legit.

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