So how would you replace Windows Media Center?

Although this move wasn't hard to anticipate, I'm still grieving a little over Microsoft's official coup de grace for Windows Media Center, a good product that thoroughly outclasses the junky boxes our local cable provider charges a monthly fee to use. My home-theater PC has been Media Center-driven for ages, and although I cut the cord a while back, it's still a great way to access Netflix and record over-the-air broadcasts.

The question now for us customers who Microsoft has abandoned is: what comes next? How would you go about replacing Windows Media Center? It is possible to do so in a way that 1) isn't a downgrade in usability and 2) doesn't require a separate box running Linux that then can't run my Steam games and the Win8 Netflix app without a reboot?

I know options exist for HTPC software, but I'm not clear on what's really easy for the whole family to use and handles DVR duties well. I might just get a TiVo or something, I guess. Would be nice to have one do-it-all system, though. Thoughts?

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