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After taking the holiday weekend to reflect, this week's poll is up with something a little more philosophical. However, before getting all academic, let's take a look at last week's results. It looks like you're all pretty split on what you want in a handheld computer. 22% feel battery life is the most important feature, with 20% looking more towards available software. 17% of voters chose screen quality as their top priority. 13% of you chose price as the primary consideration, while 12% were more concerned with size and weight. Rounding out the less important requirements are multimedia at 5%, and storage and peripherals each at 3%.

Not only do you want handhelds with varying functionality, often that functionality can be contradictory. Sadly, you're unlikely to find a PDA with great battery life, at a great price, with a gorgeous screen.

This week we're looking at a more universal topic, that of human nature. You should all have an opinion on this one, so we're asking you to finish the following statement:

I believe that human nature is fundamentally...
You've got "Good" and "Bad" to choose from, and can even flip a coin if you're unsure. What are you waiting for? Go vote!
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