Asus' Turbo cooler optimizes the GTX 970 for SLI

Custom twin- or triple-fan GPU coolers, as seen on some of our favorites from MSI, Asus, and Gigabyte, are great in single-card setups. Gang them together in SLI, though, and the top card might be choked for airflow on boards with tight PCIe spacing. Asus' new Turbo GeForce GTX 970 features a blower-style cooler that's specifically designed to get around this problem.

Unlike the blowers on many reference cards, which pull in air from only one side, the Turbo cooler features openings on both the top and bottom of the card. It looks like Asus is using a shorter-than-average PCB to pull off this trick. In SLI setups, the dual inlets are claimed to let the card run 7% cooler than reference designs.

While it's not clocked quite as high as its Strix GTX 970 stablemate, the Turbo's 1088 MHz base and 1228 MHz boost clocks are still a little higher than Nvidia's reference 1050 MHz base and 1178 MHz boost speeds. The Turbo GeForce GTX 970 is available from Newegg today for $350 a pop.

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