Official specs confirm 300-series Radeon rebrands

Remember those 300-series Radeons HP leaked earlier this week? The PC giant named a bunch of unannounced graphics products in a press release about its new desktop and all-in-one systems. Specifications have now appeared on AMD's site, and they suggest that everything from the R9 380 on down is based on recycled silicon.

The specs come from the OEM section of AMD's site, so they describe products intended for PC makers like HP. There's no mention of 300-series Radeons on pages that contain consumer-oriented cards. Here's a sampling or the R7 and R9 offerings with some key specifications:

Model Fab process Stream
GPU clock Memory Memory
R9 380 28-nm 1792 Up to 918MHz Up to 4GB GDDR5 176GB/s Yes
R9 370 28-nm 1024 Up to 975MHz 2GB/4GB GDDR5 179GB/s No
R9 360 28-nm 768 Up to 1.05GHz 2GB GDDR5 104GB/s Yes
R7 350 28-nm 384 Up to 1.05GHz 1GB/2GB GDDR5 72GB/s No
R7 340 28-nm 384 Up to 780MHz 1GB/2GB GDDR5
or 2GB/4GB DDR3
72GB/s No

The R9 380 has identical specs to the Tonga-powered R9 285, right down to its FreeSync support. The R9 360 also works with AMD's variable refresh tech, and based on the numbers, it appears to use the Bonaire GPU from the R7 260X. Between those two sits the R9 370, which is likely based on the Pitcairn chip from the R9 270 and HD 7800 series. That older GPU doesn't support FreeSync.

Variable refresh support is absent from the R7s shown above and from the ultra-low-end R5s that aren't worth listing. Everything is based on 28-nm fabrication, including the "new" mobile parts. Like the desktop stuff, the mobile Radeons look liked warmed-over versions of their predecessors.

Now, AMD does have something truly fresh waiting in the wings. The company confirmed today that a new desktop GPU is due this quarter with high-bandwidth memory, FreeSync support, and extra VR mojo. That product will probably fill out the high end of the 300 series. Thanks to TR regular SH SOTN for the tip.

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