I've had several of you ask me how I'm enjoying Google Fiber since my post about the installation work being done in my neighborhood. Sadly, the answer is that I don't have Google Fiber up and running yet, and I found out yesterday that it may not be here for months. Which is odd.

See, the folks at Google Fiber have their own distinct process for encouraging sign-ups. They divvy up the city into "fiberhoods" and ask those areas to kind of compete with one another. Only those fiberhoods that get enough customers pre-ordering service by a certain deadline will be part of the first wave of installations.

My fiberhood met the deadline earlier than most of those in the area, but it was not among the first to get enough registrations. Still, I was pretty optimistic about the schedule for installation, since I could swear Google's communications said installations for qualifying fiberhoods would begin in May—and, you know, it's May.

Then yesterday, a friend of mine who lives in another fiberhood told me he got an email saying installations in his area would begin in the fall. Now, his fiberhood barely met the deadline, so I figured that was just his own problem for living near a bunch of retired people. Then I checked my email, and I had a message saying installations here won't happen until freaking winter. The email included a link to a generic "why you're waiting" page that offers explanations largely involving the need to do work that's quite evidently already happened throughout the city. Seriously, I don't know what more of the things cited on that page they could be doing at this point, after having opened up the ground along every major street and most minor ones. They've installed orange innerduct and pulled the black fiber bundles all over the place.

Anyhow, my area is getting Google Fiber. Eventually. Perhaps the first lucky fiberhood installations will begin in May. I dunno. But I'm gonna have to wait longer than a Steam download via cable modem to experience it for myself. I suppose that's still a darn sight better than a lot of areas with no hope for better Internet service in the next few years, but for whatever it's worth, having fiber running under your yard doesn't mean much by itself. I'm still planning to review Google Fiber service once it's installed here, but may not happen until next year.

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