Jailbreaker puts a web browser on the Apple Watch

Apps on the Apple Watch are supposed to offer short, "glanceable" interactions that are over in a couple of seconds. A full web browser runs completely against that philosophy, so it's no shock that there's no Apple Watch version of Safari or other browsers. Even if there were such a thing, the Watch's tiny screen is a major impediment. None of this has deterred Apple hacker Comex. The JailBreakMe contributor tweeted a video of the Watch running a browser yesterday, and the results are about as miserable-looking as you would expect. Follow the link in the tweet below to see it in action:

Comex also tweeted a picture of the Watch showing Safari's dictionary view, which only furthers the point of just how scrunched everything is on such a tiny screen. Based on this experience, it seems highly unlikely that a browser is in the cards for the Watch anytime soon.

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