Ninja cooler goes on diet, gets smarter fan

Scythe's Ninja cooler looks like a weapon, and it's spilled enough of my blood to qualify as one. So, I'm both excited and terrified to report that there's an updated version dubbed the Ninja 4.

Source: Scythe

Like its predecessors, the new Ninja stacks cooling fins that look an awful lot like shuriken. Those fins are mounted to six heatpipes that loop through the CPU block. Nickel plating covers the block and pipes, but it's only a new touch for the latter, whose ginger tint went untouched in previous iterations.

A new GlideStream 120-mm fan hangs off one side of the tower. This PWM unit starts at 300 RPM, and users can choose whether it peaks at 800, 1150, or 1500 RPM. Scythe claims the fan generates a "virtually inaudible" 12.5 dBA at 800 RPM.

At almost exactly two pounds, the Ninja 4 is 16% lighter than the last generation. It looks affordable, too. Although the cooler doesn't appear on Scythe's U.S. site, the European press release quotes a €37.50 asking price, which works out to only $42 USD with the current exchange rate.

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