Live out your prehistoric fantasies in ARK: Survival Evolved

Open-world survival games seem to be the hot new genre, and developer Studio Wildcard is working on one with an intriguing twist. ARK: Survival Evolved is set in a prehistoric world filled with dinosaurs you can hunt, tame, and ride. The Unreal Engine 4-powered game hits Steam's Early Access program next month, and the launch trailer shows considerable promise:

In addition to the dinosaur interactions, there are harvesting, crafting, and building mechanics. Crafted items break down, and death is permanent. Studio Wildcard also promises a dynamic ecosystem with "predator and prey hierarchies," random weather, and day and night cycles. More information on the current and planned features is available on the official Steam page.

Although a single-player experience is part of the package, the multi-player component sounds more interesting. Online servers will host persistent worlds with support for "hundreds" of players. Leave the server, and your avatar goes to sleep in the game world, putting a priority on alliances, teamwork, and careful planning.

The final release is scheduled for June 2016 on the PC, Xbone, and PlayStation 4. Mac and Linux version are in the works, as well. Pricing hasn't been announced, but people who buy into the Early Access release will get the game at a discount.

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