A report from VTF 2001

As I sat here testing away on one of VIA's promising new chipsets, word of VIAHardware's report from the Via Technology Forum 2001 hit my inbox. Jasper has put together a nice look at VIA's conference, which includes reports on many of the new P4X266 and KT266A-based motherboards coming soon. The tasty-looking Shuttle P4X266-based board is definitely a gutsy move outta Shuttle in the face of Intel legal threats, and this board should be arriving on my doorstep very soon. We'll see if this ATA RAID-enabled beast is a worthy follow-up to Shuttle's impressive AK31. On the Athlon side, the prospect of Abit's KT266A-based KR7 has me salivating. Go read the report yourself to see all the goodies.
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