Don't forget to enter our GeForce GTX 980 giveaway

Only three days remain to enter our latest giveaway. We've got an Asus GeForce GTX 980 Gold Edition graphics card for one lucky TR reader, and all you have to do to enter is answer a simple question. Easy, right?

The limited-edition GeForce is certainly worth the minimal effort required for entry. It's the fastest GTX 980 we've seen to date, with 1317MHz base and 1431MHz boost frequencies that soundly surpass the clocks of those amped-up 980s Scott reviewed last year.

There are additional perks, too: the fans spin down completely under lighter loads, the clocks and voltages can be reset at the touch of a button, and a defroster function keeps build-up at bay with sub-zero overclocking. Because, you know, the first thing you do with a turbo-charged card like this is push the clocks even higher.

At $749.99 online, the Gold Edition is hardly a bargain. But you could win one completely free of charge by following the instructions on the giveaway page. We'll be accepting entries until 8:00 PM CDT on Friday, May 15, with the winner drawn the following Monday. Good luckā€”and thanks to Asus' PC DIY site for sponsoring the giveaway.

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