Classic games returning to Windows 10 with Candy Crush Saga in tow

Think Microsoft isn't serious about PC gaming? Think again. After being taken out of the starting lineup for Windows 8, Solitaire made a triumphant return to the Win10 preview last month. Hearts and Minesweeper are also coming back in the next version of Windows, and they're bringing Candy Crush Saga along for the ride.

Microsoft revealed the news yesterday, noting that the wildly popular mobile game "will be automatically installed for customers that upgrade to or download Windows 10 during the launch." It's unclear whether this is a limited-time offer that will expire after the initial fanfare surrounding Win10's release, but the freebie does seem to be part of a broader collaboration between Redmond and Candy Crush developer King. The blog post announcing the deal says "other popular and awesome King game titles will be available for Windows 10" over time. You'll probably have to pay for those.

There's no mention of an opt-out clause, which is kind of surprising given what happened the last time a big tech company tried to push entertainment content out to its users without asking. Many iTunes users were irate when Apple forced hundreds of millions to download U2's latest album. The stunt created such a fracas that Bono eventually apologized for it, blaming megalomania and other reasons for the lapse in judgement.

This isn't quite the same situation, of course. Microsoft has a history of bundling free games with its operating systems, and I'd be surprised it Candy Crush Saga couldn't be removed easily once installed. The game shouldn't chew through users' mobile data allowances, either. Still, you'd think Microsoft could have come up with a more inspired game bundle for Windows 10. It owns Minecraft, after all.

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