OS X upgrade to cost $20?

The Mac Observer has the scoop on Apple's upcoming update to OS X. This new version is supposed to fix a number of problems and deficiencies with the original release, like sluggish performance, the absence of DVD support, and some UI problems. Now comes word that this update will only be available on CD, and CD upgrades will cost $20 a pop.

If Microsoft had done that with Win2K Service Pack 2, consumers would have had kittens. En masse. Everybody knows Microsoft doesn't do that—until the WinXP and .Net stuff kicks in.

But I digress. Apple reportedly says the OS X 10.1 download is too large for users to download, so they're kind of stuck. I can see their point, I suppose. But any way you cut it, charging your loyal customers 20 bucks for OS fixes that ought not need fixing isn't good.

No doubt the most ardently faithful Macolytes will soon be declaring that this move is a Good Thing, and explaining why to the rest of us. Not that we'll understand. As someone who downloaded a two-CD Red Hat 7.1 install not long ago, I guess I'm a little extra skeptical here. I expect lots of folks who bought PCs recently with Win98 or Win2K installed and got a coupon for a free WinXP upgrade CD will be wondering what Apple is doing here, as well.

(Blame the Shack for pointing this one out to me.)

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