Fractal Design murders out the Define R5

Fractal Design's case design language usually includes contrasting black and white elements (see our Define R5 review for an example), but that look might not be to everybody's taste. A new version of the Define R5 could woo folks who prefer a stealthier approach. It's called the Blackout Edition, and it trades the regular R5's white accents for a murdered-out look. The white expansion slot covers and fans are replaced with all-black versions, and the blue power LED is swapped out for a white one. Behold:

Both windowed and non-windowed versions of the Blackout Edition are available, but the new paint job is hard to appreciate without a transparent side panel. The windowed version has a smoked-plastic panel in place of the regular R5's crystal-clear one.

Newegg is selling the windowed and non-windowed versions of the Blackout Edition today for $10 more than their regular siblings: $119 for the non-windowed version and $129 for the windowed one.

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