We have a winner in our GeForce GTX 980 giveaway

We've selected a winner in our GeForce GTX 980 giveaway. Congratulations Gerald Goudy, you're getting the Gold Edition card Asus developed to celebrate 20 years of making graphics cards. Check it out:

This limited-edition card has the highest GPU clocks we've seen in a GTX 980. It's loaded with other goodies, too, like fans that spin down under lighter loads, a defroster feature for sub-zero overclocking, and a handy firmware reset button in case your target frequency and voltage are too ambitious. Asking price: $749.99 at Newegg.

Our lucky winner doesn't have to pay a dime, of course. Gerald, you should have an email from our biz guy, Adam Eiberger, waiting in your inbox. Please reply within the next 72 hours to claim your prize and arrange delivery. If we don't hear back by this time on Thursday, we'll assume you've decided the bling-on-black color scheme doesn't match your personal style, and that you're forfeiting as a result. We'll then draw another winner from the existing pool of entrants.

Thanks to everyone who entered—and to Asus for supplying such a sweet card to give away. You may want to check out the company's PC DIY site for other giveaways and news about Asus products.

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