The 5K iMac now starts at $1999

Apple's 27" Retina iMac features an eye-popping 5K (or 5120x2880) display. Those pixels used to reside in a machine starting at $2499, but Apple has now made 5K goodness a little more affordable with a $1999 configuration. The new base model features a 3.3GHz Intel Core i5 CPU (probably the Core i5-4590), 8GB of RAM, a 1TB mechanical hard drive, and AMD R9 M290 graphics with 2GB of RAM.

That's all well and good, aside from one thing: the omission of solid-state storage in a $2k PC seems questionable in this era of computing. The budget build in our latest System Guidet doesn't feature a 5K display, but even it has an SSD, and it runs about $700.

Adding a 1TB Fusion Drive (Apple's combination of an SSD and mechanical storage) is a $200 option, and the resulting $2199 price flies dangerously close to the next 5K iMac up the ladder. That machine features a 3.5GHz Core i5-4690 CPU, the same 8GB of memory, a 1TB Fusion Drive, and Radeon R9 M290X graphics with 2GB of RAM. This original configuration now costs $2299, down from the aforementioned $2499.

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