Nvidia testing game key distribution through GeForce Experience

Are you the lucky owner of a GeForce Titan X? Nvidia wants to hook you up with a game code for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in exchange for a little help. The company is testing the distribution of game codes through the GeForce Experience client, and it's holding an exclusive beta for Titan X owners to give the feature a shakedown run.

To redeem the code, you obviously need to own a Titan X, but the rest of the process looks pretty easy. A new "Rewards" icon will appear in GeForce Experience once the latest version of the software is installed alongside the most recent GeForce graphics drivers, at which point owners can get the code and redeem it through GOG.com.

As to why Nvidia is exploring distribution through GeForce Experience, it seems unlikely that the company is trying to become the next Steam. My guess is that Nvidia is trying to streamline the distribution of bundled game codes for promotional offers, which typically rely on scratch-off cards included with qualifying purchases. If the new process simply requires owners to plop a new, qualifying graphics card into a PC and fire up GeForce Experience, that could be pretty handy.

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