DOJ won't seek MS breakup

C|Net is reporting that the DOJ won't seek to break up Microsoft when proceedings resume.
The Justice Department said in a statement that it would "not seek a break-up of the company into separate operating systems and applications businesses, as previously had been ordered by the court. Instead, the Department will seek an order that is modeled after the interim conduct-related provisions of the Final Judgment previously ordered in the case."

The government also will not seek a rehearing on the tying claim--that Microsoft illegally integrated its Internet Explorer Web browser with Windows 95 and 98.

This doesn't mean, of course, that the DOJ is lying down completely - there's still plenty at Microsoft to go after that hasn't been touched on yet. A breakup of Microsoft may not have even been the most effective solution to the problem. Suffice to say that we certainly haven't heard the last from the lawyers on this one, and probably won't, for a very long time.
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