Braswell quad powers passively-cooled ASRock Mini-ITX board

Another Braswell-based motherboard has quietly made its way onto the web. ASRock's website now lists the IMB-154, a passively-cooled Mini-ITX model with Intel's latest low-power SoC under the hood. The specific Braswell variant is the Celeron N3150, a quad-core chip that's also been spotted on boards from Asus and MSI. Here's how it's deployed in the IMB-154:

Source: ASRock

The board isn't much to look at, in part because it's designed for embedded applications like kiosks and point-of-sale systems. ASRock isn't courting enthusiasts with case windows.

True to its roots, the IMB-154 features an embedded DisplayPort out in addition to HDMI and VGA. Serial ports dominate the rear cluster, which at least balances its legacy flavor with four USB 3.0 ports. There are dual Gigabit Ethernet jacks, too, each one backed by a Realtek controller.

Although memory is limited to a pair of notebook-style SO-DIMM slots, users can add a full-sized expansion card via the PCIe x1 slot. On top of that, you get a half-size Mini PCIe slot for wireless cards and a standard mSATA slot for mini SSDs. The Celeron only has two Serial ATA ports built in, so the mSATA slot shares connectivity with one of the board's dual 6Gbps ports.

The IMB-154 is somewhat of an awkward fit for enthusiasts, but we should see more consumer-oriented options based on the same silicon at Computex next month. ASRock will likely introduce a Braswell spin on one of its consumer-friendly Bay Trail Mini-ITX boards.

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