Umbra action RPG uses Megascans tech to glorious effect

You ever come across a game that looks way better than it should for its genre? No? Well, look no further. Umbra is an action RPG (aka "Diablo clone") that sneers from its high perch at all the previous attempts to make such a game look good. Hit up the Kickstarter page and feast your eyes.

Not content with using CryEngine 3, the developers are going for the whole hog with Megascans, a 3D assets library about the size of two Kardashian behinds. Megascans assets are made from highly detailed scans of actual real-world materials, and the results are impressive. The devs have also made a video detailing the game's environments as part of a series, and it's worth a watch:

The game itself doesn't look like the average "kill them until they're dead" romp, either. There will be no classes, and promised features include actual storyline, crafting of weapons and armor, destructible environments, and a customizable "apocalyptic form" for your character. Taking a page from the Elder Scrolls series, you can even get a house to display your monster heads marvelous loot. In the vein of Diablo and Torchlight, the dungeons are procedurally generated. The devs had me at "apocalyptic form," though.

It's extremely refreshing to me to see a title focusing on the single-player experience first and foremost—the multiplayer portion will only be developed if a certain funding level is met. I won't miss the RSI that I gained back in the Diablo 2 days, though. At $15 for the base game package, Umbra could be a steal if it delivers on even half of the devs' promises.

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