Friday Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. ASCII by Jason Scott: Yes, I want your AOL CDs
  2. WCCFtech: Biostar unveils Skylake-ready, Gaming X170X4 motherboard
  3. VideoCardz: Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti performance benchmarks
  4. It Runs on Linux: Lemon Pi, a powerful Raspberry Pi clone
  5. Android Police: Nvidia finally acknowledges the 500GB Shield
    Pro, says it will be out this month alongside the standard version
  6. Phone Arena: A Samsung tablet with 4GB of RAM and
    a high-end, 14nm Intel processor spotted on Geekbench
  7. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt patch 1.03 for PC now available
  8. Ars Technica UK: AMD says Nvidia's GameWorks
    "completely sabotaged" Witcher 3 performance


  1. CBC; Spy agencies target mobile phones, app stores to implant spyware
  2. Gartner says Chromebook sales will reach 5.2 million units in 2014
  3. Michael Geist: Canadian piracy rates plummet as industry
    points to effectiveness of copyright notice-and-notice system
  4. Specs become market focus as next-gen iPhone
    set for mass production in June, says TrendForce
  5. 9to5Mac on the future of iPad: Dual-app viewing
    mode, then J98/J99 'iPad Pros,' multi-user support
  6. Ars Technica's Google Tracker 2015 (I/O edition) (spoiler alert)
  7. PCPer podcast #350
  8. Newegg's holiday weekend deals
  9. Dealzon's deals: $100 coupon for 15" Alienware i7-4710HQ /
    GTX 970M, $520 coupon for 14" Lenovo Y40-80 i7-5500U,
    and $30 off 480GB Mushkin 2.5" SSD
Software and gaming

  1. Windows 10: Build 10122 released to fast ring - AnandTech
  2. Softpedia: Google releases Chrome 43
    stable for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows
  3. Lifehacker on why Chrome uses so much freaking RAM
  4. IGN: Windows 10 release for Xbox One narrowed down
  5. TechSpot's The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt performance review
  6. Hardware.Info on Assassin's Creed Rogue: Tested
    with 23 GPUs, 3 resolutions, 2 settings‏
Systems and storage

  1. KitGuru's complete guide to buying a workstation‏
  2. Hardware Heaven's MSI Cubi review
  3. PCPer's Gigabyte X99-Gaming 5P motherboard review
  4. APH Networks on 240GB OCZ Vector 180 SSD
  5. NikKTech's 8TB Seagate Archive HDD review
Multimedia, power, case mod & cooling

  1. TweakTown's Asus GTX 980 ROG Matrix Platinum review
  2. Hardware Canucks review EVGA GTX 980 Hybrid
  3. Technology X on EMTEC Stay wireless earbuds
  4. KitGuru on i-rocks Golem Series K50E keyboard
  5. Guru3D's Corsair CS850M PSU review‏
  6. ThinkComputers: Refl3ctoR 900D case mod
  7. TweakTown's be quiet! Pure Rock CPU cooler review
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