LG site reveals 27'' FreeSync monitor with 4K IPS panel

There's a new variable-refresh monitor in town—or halfway around the world, anyway. LG's Australian site lists the 27MU67, a 27-incher with all the right buzzwords attached. The display has an IPS panel with a 4K resolution, and it's also infused with AMD's FreeSync tech.

Although the full specifications are missing from the product page, the bullet points reveal a few choice details. The display boasts 10-bit color and 99% sRGB coverage, according to LG. And, as one might expect, the resolution is 3840x2160 rather than a "full" 4K.

Input is split between dual HDMI ports, one DisplayPort, and one Mini DP. A four-way split-screen mode can show images from all those inputs at once. The stand is fully adjustable, but there doesn't appear to be an integrated USB hub onboard.

Crucially, the product page lacks information on the range of supported refresh rates. Given what we know about other 4K FreeSync displays, don't expect a peak frequency over 60Hz.

I can't find a press release formally introducing the 27MU67, but LG pegs the price at $799 AUD, which works out to $619 USD. That seems about right given the price differences between other LG displays. The firm's 34" ultra-wide FreeSync monitor is listed at $849 in Australia and $650 in the U.S. Thanks to TFT Central for the tip.

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