Intel sues VIA over Pentium 4 chipset

Intel made good today on its legal threats against VIA over the P4X266 chipset. VIA released the P4X266 to market without a license from Intel for the Pentium 4 bus. CNET has the story:
Santa Clara, Calif.-based Intel on Friday filed suit in U.S. District Court in Delaware. The lawsuit alleges that Via's P4X266 and P4M266 chipsets, which were released earlier this month, infringe on five Intel patents. S3, a former graphics chip powerhouse that is working with Via on the chipsets, was also named as a defendant.
In making this move, Intel has officially gone to war against the most promising DDR SDRAM-capable chipset for the Pentium 4. Now we'll see whether those S3 cross-licensing deals really do give VIA access to the P4 bus, it seems. Thanks to Steven C. Den Beste for sending the news.
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