Oculus buys 3D scene reconstruction firm Surreal Vision

Oculus has acquired Surreal Vision, a company comprising computer vision scientists from Imperial College, London, who specialize in 3D scene reconstruction—turning real-life settings into 3D ones in real time, in other words.

To understand why Surreal Vision is a good fit for Oculus, it's best to look at the videos depicting some of the firm's computer vision techniques: DTAM, SLAM++, and Dynamic Fusion. The latter, shown below, provides real-time shape recognition so effective that it looks straight out of science fiction. It makes me scared, though. The Terminators will be very hard to escape when they can so easily spot us among the rubble in the dark.

Surreal Vision's press release mentions applications in virtual telepresence and augmented reality, and I'm sure we'll see a lot more than that through our VR goggles.

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