Leak claims Skylake Xeons have up to 28 cores, new memory architecture

Ready for another leaked slide deck detailing unannounced products? EXPreview has posted official-looking documents spelling out Intel's plans for Xeon processors based on its upcoming Skylake architecture. The chips aren't due until 2017, according to the leak, and there appears to be quite a lot of goodness in store.

The new Xeons will purportedly be part of a Purley platform that's billed as the "biggest platform advancement since Nehalem." According to the slides, they will have up to 28 cores with Hyper-Threading support—an increase from the 22-24 cores expected in comparable Xeons based on Broadwell. They'll also feature new AVX-512 instructions. Thermal envelopes will reportedly span 45-165W.

On the memory front, the leak shows six channels of DDR4. One of the slides also mentions an "all new memory architecture" that possibly refers to the NVDIMM standard announced yesterday. NVDIMMs allow non-volatile storage to intermingle with system memory using the same slots, either as a backup for volatile DRAM or as SSD-like storage.

If EXPreview's information is accurate, Skylake Xeons will have up to 48 PCIe Gen3 lanes built in. Intel's Omni-Path Fabric is apparently part of the platform, along with quad 10-Gigabit Ethernet controllers. One of the slides also lists "optional integrated accelerators" that can assist with encryption, compression, media transcoding, and potentially other tasks.

Although the details in the slides aren't confirmed, they do look plausible given Intel's current trajectory. I'd also expect the company to roll out a Skylake version of its lower-power Xeon D processor, which is the company's first server chip to adopt Broadwell guts.

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