Cisco says video will drive massive growth in Internet traffic

Cisco has published an extensive report foretelling the future of Internet traffic. The networking firm expects annual global traffic to exceed one zettabyte (a billion terabytes) next year, and it says that figure will double by 2019.

The growth will be fueled largely by streaming video, which comprised 67% of all traffic last year. According to the report, video will account for 80% of traffic by 2019. Those totals don't include traffic from video files shared via peer-to-peer networks, but they do reflect a shift toward higher-quality content that consumes additional bandwidth.

As one might expect, much of the new traffic will come from mobile devices. PCs made up 60% of Internet traffic last year, but the report says their share will shrink to 33% over the next five years. Cisco predicts a 10X increase in mobile traffic over the same period. No wonder wireless devices are expected to take over the lion's share of traffic next year.

The report is loaded with other tidbits, like the fact that traffic during the busiest hour of the day is growing at a faster rate than the overall average and the assertion that the number of connected devices will be triple the global population in 2019. Cisco says there were almost two networked devices for every human being on the planet last year, so we're already outnumbered. Thanks to Gizmodo for the tip.

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