OCZ is bringing a TLC-based SSD to Computex

Hardware makers are gearing up to showcase new products at Computex next week, and some are already providing previews of what's in store. OCZ, for example, has announced that it's bringing a new entry-level SSD to the show. The Trion 100 Series will be the company's first SSD to use TLC NAND.

Instead of employing a controller of OCZ's own design, the Trion taps a SATA-based "Alishan" chip from parent company Toshiba. The flash comes from Toshiba, as well. It's based on the memory giant's second-generation 19-nm fabrication process, otherwise known as A19, just with three bits per cell instead of the usual two-bit MLC config.

According to OCZ, the Trion can hit 550MB/s in sequential transfers and 91k IOps in random reads. The press release doesn't mention write performance, which is typically slower with TLC NAND due to the complexity involved with cramming an extra bit into each cell. There's also no word on endurance, another metric that will be constrained by the NAND's three-bit nature.

Given its guts, the Trion 100 may be an OCZ-branded version of Toshiba's SG4 Series. That drive debuted at the Flash Memory Summit last year, and it also uses A19 TLC NAND. Interestingly, the SG4 comes in capacities up to 1TB—double what's available in OCZ's current value SSD, the ARC 100. OCZ doesn't say whether the Trion will follow suit, but we'll presumably learn more next week.

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